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Children and Families

Family Development Program

Based in Comox Valley - CARF accredited program

Family Development (FD) workers provide strategies, practical suggestions and support to children and youth (ages 0 to 19 years) and families experiencing long or short term challenges, and/or at risk due to neglect/abuse. Services are geared to support growth and development through a planned and integrated strength based approach. Our cases remain open while a social worker is involved with youth/family.

FD workers advocate for persons served; accomodate special needs; and provide service in a collaborative, respectful manner.  Service recipients interviewed expressed gratitude and satisfaction; and described the services as extremely valuable in assisting them to improve their lives and support their loved ones.

Referrals come from Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). One-on-one outreach work is only open to MCFD referrals. At times there may be educational or informational parent/youth groups open to community.

Program Goals

To provide services so that whenever possible, children and youth will be maintained in their 'family' home and their community. Workers assist families to work towards the goals they establish in conjunction with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) social workers. Program ensures that whenever possible, families 'have a voice' in identifying the services needed and/or whenever possible in choosing how services are delivered. Workers also assist families to gain knowledge of, and access to local community services; and to increase their capacity for self reliance.

Funded by Ministry of Children and Family Development.


Collaborative Planning Program

Based in Comox Valley

Services within this program include Family Case Planning Conferences (FCPC), Youth Transition Conference (YTC) activities in addition to the core services of Family Group Conferencing (FGC).

All aspects consider the child's physical and emotional needs, the skills and resources of the family, available community resources and the child's culture and community.

Also known as family group decision-making, a Family Conference (FGC) is a meeting with members of a child's or youth's immediate family, extended family, and community for the purpose of developing a plan to address safety concerns pertaining to the child or youth.

The purpose of the plan of an FGC is to create a plan to protect a child from harm.  It is a process designed to promote cooperative planning and decision-making and to rebuild a family's support network.

Funded by Ministry of Children and Family Development.